Tradition Menu

Traditional Appetizers

Fondue ravioli, Alpine Butter and Black Truffle

Cut of Sirloin in Porto Wine

Cheese tasting

Choice of Dessert from our Menu

€50 per person

(the menu is served for the whole table)

Seafood Menu

Seafood Appetizers

Gnocchi Violet with Clams, Squid and Trombette (local Zucchini)

Catch of the Day Ligurian Style

Cheese tasting

Choice of Dessert from our Menu

€50 per person

(the menu is served for the whole table)

A’ la carte Menu


Lorenzina’s Appetizer (Surf and Turf Tastings) €24

First Courses

Farfalle (handmade pasta) with Langoustine, Trombette (local Zucchini) and Saffron €23

Shrimp Ravioli with its Coulis €18

Gragnano Spaghetti with Garlic, Oil, Chilli Pepper and Clams €17

Tagliolini with Squids and Cherry Tomatoes €16

Tagliolini with Purple Shrimp of Oneglia €30

Tagliolini with Scampi €28

Tagliolini with Lobster €28

Violet Potato Gnocchetti in Parmesan Crispy Waffle €17

Borage Raviolini in Butter and Sage €16

Plin with Rabbit Meat €17
(traditional stuffed pasta)

Tagliolini made with Taggiasche Olives with Pine-seeds and Dried Tomatoes €16

Fondue Ravioli Mountain Butter and Black Truffle €18

Main Courses

Catch of the day Ligurian Style €23

Angler with Potatoes and Olives €23

Fried Squid, Praws and Vegetables €20

Grilled Tuna €18

Baked Snapper Escalope with Fennel and Taggiasca Olives in EVO Oil €27

Grilled Purple Shrimp of Oneglia €39

Flambé Purple Shrimp of Oneglia €39

Fillet of Piedmont Fassona in Port Wine €25

Piedmontese Fassona’s Loin in Barbaresco Wine €20

Rabbit Meat in Sciac-Tra’ Wine €17


Warm Eggnog with homemade biscuits €8

Soft Orange Ice-cream €8

Soft Macaroon Ice-cream with Chocolate Sauce €8

Soft Stroscia Ice-cream with Eggnog Sauce  (Stroscia is a local crumbly cake) €8

Upside down Tiramisù €8

Cream Cremino with soft Crunchy and warm Honey €8

Dark Chocolate Mousse and Whipped Cream €8

Cinnamon Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice-cream €8

Bunet (Piedmontese Chocolate Pudding with Macaroons) €8

Homemade Ice-cream with Strawberry Reduction and Salted Caramel €8

Flambé Strawberries with Vanilla Ice-cream €9

Homemade Ice-cream €7

Strawberries €8

– All types of fresh Pasta and the Bread are homemade.
– In the absence of a fresh product, foods can be replaced by frozen or chilled products of equal quality.
– Some dishes served may contain substances that cause allergies or intolerances. If you have some intolerances inform us and we will indicate the preparation without specific allergens